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Our Rose Deo Dorant powder is back in stock!
Made with one of our most exclusive oils, the rose aroma is exquisitely sweet and filled with love and compassion. The roses used in our deodorants are grown in a region in Bulgaria called The Rose Valley. Here the rose petals, harvested at the end of spring, are handled with the utmost care before being distilled. Ancient, pure and irresistible. The scent of love.
With a new and improved formula, The Ohm Collection’s Rose Deo Dorant powder is available in the retail stores and our webshop. 🌹🥰
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#aluminiumfree #vegan #sustainable #zerowaste #naturaldeodorant

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Introducing Royal Hemp & Ginger Deo Dorant Creme.
Our new addition to the Deo Dorant Creme family has a rich, spicy-sweet and gentle aroma. 🌿✨
Infused with luscious hemp seed oil. An oil full of fatty acids, which not only relieves your skin from inflammation but also leaving it feeling soothed, soft and supple. This makes this deodorant very suitable for those with dry, itchy skin.
The ginger oil used stimulates the lymphatic system, which benefits your blood circulation. Additionally, inhaling the rich ginger aroma helps relieve nausea. This makes it very suitable for those sensitive to strong scents.
Our sweet and sensitive Royal Hemp & Ginger Deo Dorant Creme is super effective and lasts up to 5 months in day-to-day usage. Additionally, it is 100% natural, vegan and free of synthetics and aluminium. 🌿✨ Available in two sizes: 5 ml and 50 ml.
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#vegan #naturaldeodorant #ginger #sensitiveskin #ethicallysourced

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