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Cultivation & Distillation of Wild Lavender

Cultivation & Distillation of Wild Lavender Lavender oil is a tireless workhorse, perfect for everyday use while potent enough to induce calm and gentle feelings. There’s more to the cultivation and processing of this model herb than meets the eye. Lavender boasts different species and hybrids, all varying in quality, while climate and soil type play a role too. The Ohm Collection has [...]

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Minimizing our ecological footprint

Minimizing our ecological footprint We are proud to announce that starting in 2018, all orders shipped within the Netherlands will be delivered by bike courier! Partnering with @Fietskoeriers.nl ensures we’re one step closer to reducing carbon emissions and our company’s ecological footprint. The good people of Fietskoeriers pay regular visits to The Ohm Collection home office in the city of Haarlem, kick-starting a positive chain reaction to deliver orders nation-wide. [...]

2018-10-03T12:01:36+00:00September 28th, 2018|

Fairtrade Baobab Oil

Fairtrade Baobab Oil The Ohm Collection connects with local businesses that share like-minded goals, which is why we’ve partnered with Netherlands-based company, Butterwise, to source fairtrade and organic baobab oil from West Africa. Baobab oil is our carrier oil of choice for all five Ohm Essence Roll-ons, touting the added benefit of micronutrient polyphenol among other skin nutritive vitamins and minerals. Butterwise sources [...]

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Going on vacation? Sun Safe is Sea Safe!

Going on vacation? Sun Safe is Sea Safe! Sunscreen is a lifesaver during the long summer months, giving us permission to shed layers without consequence and take in a lot more vitamin D. With all the benefits, it’s hard to imagine any downsides – but every year, millions of pounds of these cancerpreventing creams enter the ocean as we flock to beaches en masse. While this shouldn’t be a problem, [...]

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