Devi Water Bottle cobalt blue w Frankincense resin

Devi Water Bottle cobalt blue w Frankincense resin

Devi Water is a social enterprise committed to raising awareness, protecting and regenerating our important resource: WATER

The Ohm Collection supports this project by further enhancing the healing capability of the Devi bottle with pure frankincense resin. The uses of Frankincense include reducing inflammation, pain in the joints, swelling and bacterial infections. Also, it is well-known for its wound healing and regenerating qualities.

The blue 2 liter water bottle contains the symbol FLOWER of LIFE, Mantras, sacred symbols and numbers. These ensure activation, energization and structure of the water with which you fill the Devi bottle. The water becomes softer and so lively that you will want to drink more of it. The Devi Water Bottle is sustainably made from blue glass from Italy, in part even from recycled glass. The Devi bottle brings awareness about water and helps to use less plastic.

The Flower of Life, better known as the Flower of Life, brings balance and keeps us in touch with our true selves, our values ​​and aspirations. It depicts the cycle of creation and seeing how all life and consciousness comes from 1 single source. In addition, it has a great spiritual capacity and increases our awareness about the environment, ourselves and our well-being.

A further model is the Sri Yantra Devi Water Bottle. Only the two symbols are different, everything else remains the same.

High quality water is the basis of our life and health.

Here you will find a video about the Devi Water project: Devi Water ingl – YouTube