Ohm ‘Out of the Box’ detox

Prikspijt ? Herstel jezelf ♡ Dearly Beloved… We have created an outstanding self heal, meditation and organic detox box for you. ♡ Please go on ecosia.org or duckduckgo.com for the scientific benefits of the products. This detox box is for one month’s pleasure. Contents ‘Out of the box’ : One Miron glass healing water drinking […]

the most intimate gift for women

Limited Edition Yoni Oil Collection Dear  Yoni Oil, handpicked herbs and flowers together with handmade oils, blended by a true medicine woman midwife for self-love, ecstasy and healing in the most intimate part of your being. Can be used daily inside and outside your Yoni for pleasure, healing (apres rasage), meditation, lovemaking and healing rituals. Ideal […]

the benefits of magnesium in our deodorant

For hypersensitive people the best Ohm Collection’s Deo Dorant Crème is Essential Magnesium. A very special deodorant that uses only the purest ingredients of the best quality, and a most unique deodorant for sensitive people. Essential Magnesium Deo Dorant Crème contains the unique ingredients magnesium, zeolite and zinc oxide. Magnesium is responsible in regulating our […]