Lavender oil is perfect for everyday use as a potent medicine to induce calm and gentle feelings.
Lavender is wonderful for calming sensitive skin even used for healing burns induces relaxation better sleep and even helps with  insomnia.

Pure stress relief and pure joy.


However there is  more to the cultivation and processing of this herb than meets the eye. Our Lavender boasts different species and hybrids, all varying in quality as climate harvesting and soil type play an important role in which quality one is left with.
The Ohm Collection has chosen to work with Lavandula angustifolia.


Angustifolia is not a conventionally grown, but a hybrid called Lavandin. Lavandula angustifolia is known as a ‘true’ lavender, exuding a deeper fragrance and more spicy oils with a lasting quality.


Our lavender is organically certified and wildly grown in the South of France.
Here the region’s Mediterranean climate and partially barren soils induce the plant’s innate therapeutic qualities.


The distillation process of lavender, plays a role in determining its role in quality.
Harvested in the early morning when oils are most concentrated and harvesting only small batches at a time the herbs then gently go through the purest form of time intensive consuming intensive steam distillation for supreme quality.
This is without a doubt noticeable – when you buy and smell our Lavender products.
Unlike industrial extraction, steam distillation maintains temperatures below the normal boiling point, thereby protecting the lavender oils’ integrity.

After more than 36 hours, the steam treatment results in an essential oil and water mixture .
As oil and water are non soluble, oil gets siphoned off and the wonderful concentrated remainder is used for hydrosols!