Ohm ‘Out of the Box’ detox

Prikspijt ? Herstel jezelf

Dearly Beloved…

We have created an outstanding self heal, meditation and organic detox box for you.

Please go on or for the scientific benefits of the products.

This detox box is for one month’s pleasure.

Contents ‘Out of the box’ :

  • One Miron glass healing water drinking bottle ½ litre
  • One Miron glass pot of premium organic ethical harvest Omanian Frankincense resin for rejuvenating and smudging
  • One Ohm bag of organic Chaga, wild harvested from the Caledonian forest
  • One bottle of organic wild harvested Lavender oil from La Drome. This relaxing oil is blended with Ohm Gold Skin oil for your face, hands & nose
  • One pot of neroli alkalizing deodorant powder
  • One bag of organic pine needle blend tea
  • One wooden flower of life symbol
  • Organic cats claw tincture from Ecuador
  • Micromix Lion’s mane capsules
  • Shungite crystal water and body cleanser

€ 189 for anyone wants to optimalize their body, mind & spirit


Each morning fill your belly and your miron glass bottle with (warm) filtered water and place the larger Frankincense crystal in your bottle until dissolved. This will protect, revitalize and rejuvenate your body. Enhance New cell formation, provide more oxygen to your cells during sports, yoga or.. when cleaning your gutters.

(for the many joint, cell protection benefits pls pubmed Boswellia Sacra ie frankincense)

Miron will always protect everything in the bottle.

To make yourself a cup of Chaga coffee.

Scrape the chaga and boil it with half a liter and store cold chaga coffee. YUM and sooo healthy give ur animals the last drop..or ur plants. Rich in betulic acid which the Chaga converts for you into highly absorbable powerful healing nutrients. the mother of melatonine restores ur own dna blueprint along with looking at the Flower of Life whenever you can. (perhaps useful nowadays …) Re-order whenever you want more of this delicious brainfuel coffee

Drink pine needle tea hot cold but never throw away old tea its filled with goodness for you and your family cook ur rice in the last drop

Cats claw 1-3 drops a day for antiviral effectivity and a good gut feeling

During the day – roll the sacred lavender under ur nose on your brow and onto your neighbours brow for pure relaxation less stress is EVERYTHING

Cold pressed coconut oil & zinc is for so many reasons in this box

Micromix Lions’ mane to forgive your school teacher

(We have included samples of information on zeolite, shungite, and devi bottles for you, as the May ‘out of the box’ spring box will be filled with this )

Please call us as to how to use more recipes advice or dosaging anytime

Love from

The Ohm Collection Team

More info & sources :


Coconut oil in health and disease: its and monolaurin’s potential as cure for HIV/AIDS.

Reduced Graphene Oxide and Its Natural Counterpart Shungite Carbon

Other supplements that can be taken to assist in the removal of Graphene Oxide are:

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)
Milk Thistle
Vitamin C
Vitamin D3

We recommend Solgar brand high quality supplements.