The Ohm Collection is blessed by the Ohm symbol. We chose this ancient symbol to
enhance and protect the high vibration of the supreme quality oils in our products.

Ohm is the sound and frequency of Creation. Of life itself. We use the Ohm symbol
to make sensual products, ethically.To contribute to the feminine, gentler side
of life whether for man, woman or child. To be feminine is to become passive, to
allow, to wait and to be in love.

The wisdom of the Ohm symbol to use it with intention and to enhance protection
was taught by the ~Tai ~ Chi Master Viram. The lady who started making some of
our products comes from a pioneering lineage of vegans. From a time when
vegetarians, macrobiotics and later ‘vegans’ were regarded as quite
different in Europe.


Honouring our ancestors and those before us who gave their wisdom to us – is best
acknowledged by those benefiting from this each day. Thankyou Viram, Marina, her
mama and to all those Teachers and wisdom keepers from whom all the yoga, food,
plant and science community benefit each day.


Our products are tailor made with only the finest wildcrafted and organic ingredients, oils and extracts from over the world. Each with their own beneficial properties. The ingredients we use carry a rich history of uses, throughout time.

For instance, the wonderful essence of frankincense has so many healing qualities. It comes from ancient, sacred trees that were not allowed to be touched by anyone unless given permission by the Sultan himself. The Ohm Collection uses only pure, wildcrafted frankincense oil of the best quality, coming to us from the oldest trees of Oman. where it is still extracted traditionally by hand. We use this oil and many others, in many of our blends as it is so beneficial.

We source our ingredients from small farmers and distillers that are committed
to social and sustainable agriculture and reforestation practices. All our
products are handmade, only when clean oils and ingredients are
available at time of production.


Miron glass is another choice we have made to keep the wellbeing and frequency of the ingredients in our products high and give the formula ultimate protection.
Our Frankincense Resin Crystals are best kept in miron glass jars. Used for burning, chewing (for clean healthy gums) or for drinking,by putting a frankincense nugget in water and drinking this for wonderful wellbeing!

Our powerful deodorant powders are packaged in metal because 80 percent of metal is already recycled in Europe making this range of top quality bicarbonate strong deo powders safe for travelling and durable.

For our cremes we use an air-tight pump system which prevents the oils and ingredients in the products from oxidizing without having to use synthetic preservatives to preserve them.

They are packaged in 100% recyclable PP plastic, this is free from BPA and other chemicals that can harm your health.
The displays are made from wood that comes from well managed forests. These forests have the most benefits in terms of combatting climate change as more trees are planted in lieu of the cut down.