Mom & baby

Dear Mothers,

The mamas @The Ohm Collection have a vastly different approach to products for Mom & baby. New moms, experienced moms, adopting moms need circles. 

Circles of wisdom, midwives, grandmas, tantra healers sharing honesty about their own births healing with lots of tears & laughter.

If you can find one, join one!

Here’s our suggestion for those at home or still working.

Yoni Oil – handmade, handpicked and blessed  by our own beautiful sister, experienced midwife  and medicine woman ~ Marieke from Zeeland.

Massage your yoni and perenium, before, during & after pregnancy.
This oil contains St Johns Worth with sacred frankincense, evening primrose myrrh for burning whilst you massage & to heal yourself emotionally spiritually or physically.

Sacred Frankincense incense sticks for meditation . Take time for yourself to ground yourself.

Sun safe for yourself and your baby. SPF 50 protect the ocean enjoy winkle free blessing of non nano zinc zeolite and organic sunscreen by the ohm collection and perfectly safe for baby under his or her big floppy hat. Always cover babies well and give them water to drink. Babies love water as much as milk!


For mums wanting only the best for themselves their babies who lie in their arms and drink so as only to inhale natural, truly organic safe smells under your armpits and for you to replenish your body w magnesium. IF heavy sweating occurs after pregnancy pls recharge ur kidneys in the full moon take more rest and use our powder deodorant preferably something simple as babies smell this under the armpits when they lie in ur arms. Rose or Gardenia is good x