our eco Sunsafe is truly sea safe

Are you ready for a sustainable summer?

The Ohm Collection Sun Safe is a lifesaver for both People & Planet, giving us permission to shed layers without consequence and take in a lot more vitamin D. With all the benefits, it’s hard to imagine any downsides – but every year, millions of pounds of these cancerpreventing creams enter the ocean as we flock to beaches en masse. While this shouldn’t be a problem, the way most sunscreens are formulated does unintended harm to underwater ecosystems like coral reefs and the communities that depend on reefs to survive.



Ingredients in generic sunscreen do not breakdown so easily and tend to linger in the environment: to protect its coral populations, Hawaii is considering a ban on all major sunscreens that contain harmful chemicals such as ultramicroscopic nano-particles and synthetic UV fi lters. What we put on our skin has the same repercussions for the environment as for our bodies: toxic chemicals in name-brand sunscreen have been shown to enter human bloodstreams and mess with our hormonal balance. Not the most pleasant association with coastal waves and bright sunshine!


Working toward a cleaner solution, our Sun Safe sunscreen is 100% sea-safe and contains no nano particles. Non-toxic zinc oxides lay on top of the skin when applied – the slight white layer is a good sign! – to offer long-lasting protection without being absorbed. Sun Safe is formulated with only mineral-based UV fi lters, containing nourishing oils and herbal extracts to ensure that skin remains supple while staying protected. Help make summer eco-friendly in other ways as well, by opting to wear lighter colored fabrics to stay cool, and eating foods rich in beta-carotene, lycopene and/or dark leafy greens to improve your skin’s resilience against sunburns.


The ocean’s influence starts well before we pack our bags and hit the road. Ocean currents affect weather patterns by distributing solar radiation and circulating cold water from the poles. The ocean also supports the existence of both marine and human life, forming a union between land and sea. While the vast expanse of blue may seem invincible – with its immeasurable health-giving benefits and coastal wonders – it’s not immune to man-made toxicities. And neither are we.