the benefits of magnesium in our deodorant

For hypersensitive people the best Ohm Collection’s Deo Dorant Crème is Essential Magnesium. A very special deodorant that uses only the purest ingredients of the best quality, and a most unique deodorant for sensitive people.

Essential Magnesium Deo Dorant Crème contains the unique ingredients magnesium, zeolite and zinc oxide. Magnesium is responsible in regulating our neurotransmitters for optimum nerve function. Magnesium is deficient in our diet and plays an essential role in the muscle and cognitive functions in our body. Magnesium is also necessary for our whole being to be able to recuperate and relax. 

Our new Essential Magnesium Deo Dorant Crème is a great source of magnesium. By using magnesium chloride instead of sodium bicarbonate, this deodorant becomes the perfect solution for those with sensitive skin looking for a safe and gentle deodorant.
Zeolite is a natural mineral formed by volcanic lava. It has excellent skin-detoxing properties. Zinc oxide is a powerful skin protectant and can prevent irritation of the skin.

These powerful ingredients are paired with a lovely citrus scent derived from the Litsea Cubeba plant. This gives our Essential Magnesium Deo Dorant Crème a luscious and fresh aroma.