the wisdom of cardamom

The Queen of Spices

The Queen of Spices ‘Cardamom’ is the main healing ingredient in The Ohm Collection’s new Deo Dorant creme ‘True Cardamom’. So valuable was the harvesting of the green seed pods in the past as a herbal and medicinal ingredient, that was comparable to Safran and Vanilla in the 17th century.

We chew it, drink it in our coffee or tea, put it in our Coconut curry, all because it has so many wonderful benefits for health.

Another world

However… we put it in the Ohm Deo Dorant Creme because it smells heavenly and for some magical, alchemical reason you are transported to another world.

The world of how you feel rather than what you are thinking.



Ancient wisdom

On top of this, it works. It has an antibacterial effect so you smell wonderful.

Harnessing the ability to calm nerves and reduce anxiety, to soothe skin and inflammation, True Cardamom Deo Dorant Creme is a holistic natural deodorant that lasts a long time.

This is because we only use 100% wildcrafted or Organic contamination free oils and no blends of synthetic or natural oils.

Don’t you just love old Arabic and Indian folk wisdom?