the most intimate gift for women

Limited Edition Yoni Oil Collection


Yoni Oil, handpicked herbs and flowers together with handmade oils, blended by a true medicine woman midwife for self-love, ecstasy and healing in the most intimate part of your being.

Can be used daily inside and outside your Yoni for pleasure, healing (apres rasage), meditation, lovemaking and healing rituals.

Ideal for both preparation before birth as healing after birth, for a conscious menstruation or enlightening and easing menopausal changes. 

The Ohm Collection has combined this extraordinary healing sensual Yoni Oil with our own unique resins and packed this in the finest Miron glass bottle. Making this collection a truly unique LIMITED EDITION. 

(also, please reuse this sacred bottle when empty

or bring it to your local shop they will reimburse your bottle)

Holy Yoni is handmade by Marieke. Fortified with our selected Grade A Frankincense for grounding and meditation.  

For (self) love making, meditation, ritual, healing or simply to start your day with a bang.

Ideal for preparing the softer areas for pregnancy and post-natal healing, apres rasage and as an ultimate lubricating joy. Healing inside and out.

We have added Myrrh resin from Yemen for you inside the handmade Pierre Frey velvet gift bag – to burn during your meditation, love making or healing ritual.

Enjoy burning this Yemenite grade A Myrrh with Frankincense on wood or charcoal on a fireproof burner, if used during love making or meditation rituals in a good burner. Creating the space and love in your room and being, whilst you fly to higher grounds.

Ohm Yoni Oil sacred ingredients are:

St John’s Wort oil is handpicked and pressed on St Johns’ Day, on the 24th of June.

Our pure organic St John’s Wort sun blessed gold orange oil was cold pressed with Frankincense for protection and grounding then blended with fresh Evening Primrose oil and flowers. 

These sacred ingredients are put to rest in the softest cleanest almond oil and safeguarded by 100% natural mixed vitamin E tocopherols and poured into a homeopathic Miron glass bottle.

Together with the purest Frankincense from Oman this makes our powerful Yonil the biggest Gift you can get pleasure from.

Aho, with love from the Ohm Collection team and special gratitude to Marieke for blending, guiding and testing this beautiful oil.

Heal the world by healing your Yoni.

Price 69 euros for 30 ml and 90 euros with a supreme quality velvet in handmade Parisian Pierre Frey Gift bag with Frankincense and Myrrh resin added for burning. 


Ohm Yoni Healing Oil 30 ml Limited Edition

Ohm Yoni Oil 30 ml with Gift Bag